Funded by NYC Human Resources Administration HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HRA/HASA)

We offer permanent scattered site housing for formerly homeless persons living with HIV/AIDS to help residents stabilize their lives; assist them in securing entitlements and in referring them to needed services to live as independently as possible. Referrals are also made for medical and psychological care and for substance abuse counseling. Recreational and social activities are afforded to create community and social activities. Through our Permanent and Supportive Housing Programs, up to 254 formerly homeless single persons and families are served in Scatter Site apartments located throughout the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.


Scatter Site Housing Program

Funded by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Public Health Solutions (DOHMH & PHS)

The Scatter Site Permanent Housing program provides housing for 254 individuals living with HIV/AIDS in need of intensive case management, mental health, substance abuse, and recreational services.


Our HOPWA Program supports people living with HIV/AIDS who are not eligible for HASA services. Temporary Scattered site housing is provided, and support services that connect to legal aid and other services result in individuals becoming eligible for HASA services and being placed in permanent housing. We assist up to 25 people at any given time.

Crown Residence

Our Crown Residence Program, established in winter 2019, is a 91 unit transitional congregate residence located in the Bronx. We assist formerly homeless, healthcare-disconnected individuals by providing stabilizing support services then transition them to permanent, independent housing.

2050 Grand Concourse

2050 Grand Concourse Permanent and Supportive Housing Program in the Bronx provides permanent and supportive housing in an apartment setting to 95 individuals, a mixed population. This program serves 30 individuals living with HIV/AIDS funded by HASA, 28 individuals who are diagnosed with severe mental illness funded by OMH and 36 individuals via affordable housing model.