Hire the Disabled


UPS has over twenty 20 years experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities. We provide a variety of services for individuals at various levels of functionality – some of whom are self-sufficient in residential settings and others who have been integrated back into the community and engaged in full-time/part-time employment. We invite your company to review our program and services and encourage you to consider hiring individuals who are reliable and capable of joining the workforce.


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Why Hire People with Developmental Disabilities?

Often companies have concerns about hiring people with disabilities because of a negative pre-conception about disability. Generally, hiring the disabled is equated with taking on a liability or risk. People with disabilities have been denied opportunities for jobs mainly due to prejudice, discrimination and misinformation. Disability does not mean liability nor does it mean inability.


Many people with disabilities are gifted and talented, intelligent, honest and have charisma. Although they may have limitations that require some accommodations, by hiring individuals with disabilities you are actually hiring focused, dedicated and loyal people while at the same time creating a positive corporate image. Hiring people with disabilities is not charity; bringing them into your organization is an exemplary act that models corporate responsibility.


Our Individuals are capable of doing full time and part-time schedules in a variety of areas including but not exclusive of: light clerical (filing, shredding, answering phones), maintenance and housekeeping (sweeping, mopping, stacking, dusting, cleaning tables, bed making, laundry, etc), hospitality (meeting and greeting, waiting tables, fixing meals, serving meals, setting up for events, etc). We are open to explore interests expressed by our individuals and attempt to provide training in those areas.

Are they capable of operating machinery, stocking, packing, etc.

Yes. With training and supervision they can learn to operate simple machinery and the level of supervision required will decrease as the person becomes more familiar with the job. Our individuals are able to stack and pack with minimal supervision.


What kind of on-the-job assistance do individuals require – do they need close supervision? At all times?

Our individuals are prepared for the work environment through participation in supported employment and pre-vocational rehabilitation workshops. Initially, they are assigned a job coach that will assist them from the first day on the job, assuming they have passed your interview, to help them learn the job and acclimate to their new work environment. The job coach will them wean off their assistance once the individual(s) has learned to do the job independently. The job coach will stay in contact with the individual for support and encouragement even after a successful transition.

Yes. Our individuals are self-sufficient for lunch breaks. The job coach generally works with them on clocking in and out for lunch, if needed. Although meals can be provided by UPS, our history has been that our individuals like to go out and purchase their meals the same as their peers.

Are individuals self-sufficient for lunch breaks? Are their meals provided by UPS?

How much supervision is required?

Once the assigned task has been mastered, minimal supervision is generally required.

Who does the employer contact if there is a workplace problem or emergency?

In the event of a workplace problem or an emergency the employer can contact the individuals’ Medicaid Service Coordinator, job coach and /or residence manager

Is there any liability involved in hiring individuals such as waivers or contractual agreements?


What benefits are required to be paid by employer?

The same as for non- developmentally disabled employees.

Does UPS currently have individuals employed in the workplace? What positions do they hold at which companies and how long have they been employed?

We are proud of our track record:
Walmart – greeter – 3/2010 to present
AMS Bowling Center – clean tables, assist in party events, cashier – 1 yr
NYC Department of Transportation – porter 7 months
Staples – stacking shelves – 6 months
Target – stacking shelves – 6 moths
Modells – hanging clothes, stacking items- 5 months
Brooklyn Technical College Bookstore – stacking books – 2 months
Daffy’s – light housekeeping (cleaning bathrooms) – 2 weeks
McDonalds – Clean tables, greet customers – 1 week

What are the most common circumstances that individuals are separated from their jobs?

The same as with the non-disabled population…circumstances that can separate our developmentally disabled from their jobs would be based on an assessment of their job performance, violation of conduct standards, high rates of absenteeism etc.