Crown Residence

Program Name

Crown Residence

Program Director

Randel Glover

Year Opened


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The New Crown Residence Housing program is a continuation of our former residence “The Crown.” The Crown provided a transitional housing program from 1994 to 2014.
The New Crown Residence also referred to as “The Crown” is comprised of a diligent, hard working staff whose focus is to provide temporary housing , intensive case management, mental health, substance abuse, LGBTQI aware and recreational services to people living with HIV/AIDS. The staff assess our residents for the appropriate referral needs and services, such as: home health aide, home making services, school, job trainings & placement, physical rehabilitation, substance abuse services, mental health counseling, escort services, financial budgeting and medical monitoring. We also provide therapeutic support groups and recreational events to help meet the holistic needs of our residents. The focal point is to provide support and assist our residents improve their daily life functioning by providing a variety of services which allows them to stabilize then transition to permanent apartments and to assimilate back into the community.


To enhance the programs through the process of transitioning temporary residents to permanent homes, establishing a continuum of care inclusive of physical and mental health, job preparedness, clothing, connection to entitlements and additional funding sources.