Unique People Services Receives Flowers from Meghan Markle

Unique People Services Receives Flowers from Meghan Markle

Unique People Services (UPS) Vyse Avenue individuals were over the moon at the recent delivery of flowers to their residence.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, had a baby shower in New York City and the floral arrangements were re-purposed by Repeat Roses and donated to Unique People Services. The event was co-hosted by tennis great Serena Williams and included a notable guest list of celebrity friends who all made the floral arrangements themselves as a part of the shower festivities.

Through our relationship with Repeat Roses an international sustainability business, whose mission is to shift the paradigm in the event industry, by reimagining the single-use floral arrangement concept to spread joy and ensure sustainability. As in the past, Unique People Services had the honor of being selected as a recipient organization.

“Every time we receive flowers from Repeat Roses and their generous donors, and I see the joy they bring, I am always reminded that, “Flowers always make people feel better— they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul, UPS Executive Director, Yvette B. Andre beamed.

“This generous gift speaks volumes and my hope is that our selection is proof that we are truly making an impact!” We are more than grateful– we are humbled,” she conclude with a smile.

Repeat Roses:

For more information about Repeat Roses, please contact Jessica Dillon at 845.216.5853 or jessica@repeatroses.com

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