Individual of the Month


“Why fit in, when you were born to stand out!” – Dr. Seuss

Tzer-Mei Chin a Unique People Services (UPS) individual, stands out because she is described as delightful, polite, and cooperative. That is why she is our UPS November Individual of the Month.

Tzer-Mei came to Unique People Services (UPS) in 2018. She currently resides in a UPS Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) facility and attends a UPS day service program.

UPS staff helps to create an environment for Tzer-Mei to meet her full potential. When Tzer-Mei arrived at UPS she was a bit reserved, but after a few months with the support, care, and help of UPS staff, her vibrant personality as emerged.

One example of her vibrant personality is when she hears music. Tzer-Mei truly enjoys all forms of music. Her favorite music artist to dance and sing to is Michael Jackson. Her favorite song by Jackson is Human Nature and every time she plays it, she begins to sing beautifully. Tzer-Mei is also an artist at heart that loves to draw and can often be seen tracing over her artistic creations. She then adds splashes of color to enhance her masterpieces. She also enjoys sharing this activity with UPS Staff.

Another of Tzer-Mei favorite past times is to spend time with her peers. With her warm and caring personality, Tzer-Mei easily works well with her peers and the UPS staff. As described by a counselor, “she has a very kind personality and is easy to get along with” .When engaging with her peers, she enjoys spending quality time together, just simply watching the game shows like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Tzer-Mei also enjoys setting the dinner table with peers. Her favorite cuisine is Chinese food, but while at UPS she has begun to enjoy new dishes. She says, she really likes the new food and its “yummy”!

Tzer-Mei has a supportive family that visits her often. She enjoys her family and during their most recent visit, they helped her to beautify her UPS living quarters with lovely décor. During their visits, they also spend time reading. Her family has always stressed the importance of education and reading has always been an important factor. As a result, she enjoys books and being read to– and because of her love of reading, she has impressive verbal skills. Currently she is participating in language therapy and her already extraordinary verbal skills are improving dally.

Tzer-Mei’s stand out personality and unique vibrancy is a pure illustration of what occurs when individuals are embraced in a supportive service-enriched setting. We are very proud of all she has accomplished!

Please join the UPS team in congratulating Tzer-Mei Chin as our Individual of the Month!