Luz N.

Individual of the Month

Luz N.

Luz N. Borges, or “Lucy” as she likes to be called, moved into her Unique People Services (UPS) residence in April 2011 facing behavioral health challenges which negatively impacted her life. Finding trust in others was a struggle, and Lucy often missed medical appointments. She was adamant about her ability to care for herself and sometimes refused to take her medication. Lucy was clearly in need of more balance and structure. UPS was there to lend a guiding hand and lead her on a new path.

After approximately two years of continued efforts with service providers and staff, Lucy’s trust levels grew, resulting in greater understanding of her mental health challenges. With the support of her UPS Clinical Supervisor, Lucy learned to become more responsible. She now maintains a regular routine, which has helped her enhance her health and successfully integrate into the community. Lucy regularly attends her medical appointments, follows directions well, and successfully maintains her medication regimen. She has also blossomed into a self-advocate, demonstrating increased communication skills she has learned at UPS.

Peers and staff appreciate Lucy’s friendly and pleasant manner, and the feeling is vice versa: Lucy often expresses gratitude for the support she receives from UPS staff. Their encouragement has inspired Lucy to improve her daily living and activity skills and strive for a better future. Her many accomplishments include completing her GED and receiving her Loan Originator and Tax Preparation Certifications. She is currently pursuing a career as a Peer Counselor and is enrolled in a Peer Training program that she is very excited about.

“I cannot wait until I am able to obtain my certificate so I can help those in need,” Lucy says.

While attending her day program, Lucy’s ambition also shines through; so do her leadership skills. She worked as a recruiter to increase the number of participants at the program, and even looked into starting her own business.

Along with her strength and motivation comes perseverance. “In the last year, Lucy lost two dear friends but showed great poise in her ability to accept and deal with the loss, looking on the bright side and focusing on the positive feelings her friends brought to her life,” says Lucy’s Clinical Supervisor. “She has grown to be a wonderful and caring person.”

Lucy’s nurturing nature is also displayed during visits with her children. She cherishes the time she spends with them, one of her primary motivating factors in her full and active life. She values her role as a mother and wants nothing but great things for her children.

With the significant progress Lucy has made, she is certainly an excellent role model for them. She continues to meet her goals and is now setting new ones. At the top of her list is smoking cessation. She’s determined to kick the habit so she can lead a healthier life, and looks forward to completing her peer counseling training so she can help transform lives. ‘

With her sunny outlook and incredible drive, we have no doubt that she will accomplish her dreams!

Please join the UPS team in congratulating Luz N. Borges as our Individual of the Month!