Individual of the Month


Linda Pacheco has been with the Unique People Services (UPS)/Supportive Housing Program (SHP) for almost 15 years. Prior to moving to UPS, Ms. Pacheco exhibiting behavioral challenges, and a strong need vocational rehabilitation from multi-prone deep social challenges due to substance abuse and mental health challenges. She was referred to the UPS/SHP and accepted stable housing and case management services.

Ms. Pacheco has an 8th grade education and is the mother of 5 children, all of whom she lost custody of. All but her youngest child had been adopted out and it was Ms. Pacheco’s goal to reunite with her youngest son. She has credited UPS/SHP staff for assisting her in her desires to achieve this goal of being a more present and accountable mother and raising her son with the support needed to be successful. According to Linda, “ UPS has exceeded my expectation, giving me a family home and a chance to be just like any good mother and make up for my failure with my other children.”

Over the years, Ms. Pacheco has constantly noted that due to regular staff contact, monthly and/or as needed, have facilitated her feelings of safety and security, as well as helped her mature in her social adaptation and integration in the community. With strong encouragements and parenting guidance, Ms. Pacheco has demonstrated her ability to meet the challenges of single parenting, raising her son in a positive safe and loving home environment, protecting him from the experiences of a negative, toxic and abusive childhood that impacted his mother growing up.

With ongoing monitoring and support, Ms. Pacheco maintains her strict adherence to her mental healthcare regimen, while demonstrating strong social, emotional and coping abilities and adaptability, as well as ensuring her deep community integration. Ms. Pacheco currently volunteers at her son’s school, participating in Teacher Parent Association (TPS) activities that resulted in her being awarded this year, the best TPA advocate. She also enrolled her son in the Police Athletic League (PAL) junior academy, to help him pursue his future goal of being a Police Officer.

Future goals include mastering money management, which Dawn has already kick-started. She recently saved four weeks of her allowance so she can purchase different items, exhibiting a sense of responsibility and will power that many shoppers do not have!

Linda has her successful community integration thus far to the strong and dedicated UPS staff support that has allowed her yo achieve her goal of motherhood, regaining her self-esteem and her full social recovery and rehabilitation. Ms. Pacheco asserts that with this same support, her son will reach his educational and professional goals and live out a well socially adjusted and honorable adulthood, thus living out the fulfillment of the dreams of a proud mother.

Ms. Pacheco is indeed an excellent model client, whose determination and steadfast pursuit of her goals makes us proud!

Please join the UPS team in congratulating Linda Pacheco as our Individual of the Month!