Individual of the Month


“UPS has provided me with a great place to live.”

Ira lives at one of Unique People Services’ scattered site housing programs where he has resided since 2003. Previously he lived in Haven Apartments, and prior to that Ira was in a homeless shelter. He says that the “housing stability offered through UPS has been a major factor in his life along with case management,” which has been “a major plus.” This has enabled him to take advantage of programs and services to which he previously did not have access.

Additionally, thanks to his current case manager, Ira has come out of his shell and is a ready participant in UPS events. He credits the programs and services offered through UPS (as well as the presence of his son) for maintaining his current state of well-being.

Ira Parker claims both South Carolina and New York as his home states. Overall, he is an indoor-outdoor type of guy: his hobbies include playing chess and basketball.

He is also a proud father. He has two daughters in their 20’s with whom he is in constant phone contact—one lives in New York and the other in Virginia. He also has a ten-year-old son, Ira. Ira enjoys activities with his son such as going to the movies, watching baseball games, fishing and riding bicycles.

After two years of study, Ira is currently employed as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). His plans for the future include enjoying the summer with his son, going to school in October to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and eventually moving into a suburban area on his own with his son.

Ira is grateful to be a part of the UPS family and we are equally as happy to see his positive progress.

Join the UPS team in congratulating Ira Parker as our Individual of the Month.