Individual of the Month


When Georgia Triantifillou joined our UPS family in May 2014, it was difficult not to fall under her spell. Staff immediately took a shine to her for her endearing personality and the positive energy she brings to the house – traits that are a far cry from the aggressive behaviors that were reported while Georgia was living at a previous residence.

Through the warmth and caring of UPS staff, Georgia has acclimated beautifully to her new home, which is a big reason why she has had zero incidents of negative behavior. In April 2015, the Queens Council on Developmental Disabilities (QCDD) presented her with a “Celebration of Success” award for her remarkable adjustment period.

While living with us, Georgia has bonded very well with her five housemates and has become a leader of sorts, always keeping everyone on their toes about medical appointments and making sure her friends board the bus on time for their Day Hab classes.

Georgia has also learned how to develop routines, especially when it comes to pitching in with chores. She immediately makes her bed after getting up in the morning, helps fold clothes during laundry time and adeptly clears the table after finishing a meal. At 7:30 p.m. each night, she speaks to her mother, even helping to dial the phone when it’s time to call.

When out in the community, it’s her favorite place to be. “Are we going out today?” is a question staff hears on a regular basis! She adores going shopping and has become a fashionista, always picking out pretty outfits and costume jewelry to wear. Of course, shopping builds up your appetite and Georgia has a healthy one! She’s first in line at the local buffet restaurant and will happily “eat anything and everything,” according to 220th Street staff.

Georgia loves going out so much that’s she’s become a fixture in the community. She’s loved and recognized by many in stores and restaurants, and has even given pet names (like “Boo” and “Teddy Bear”) to her neighborhood friends. And with all the fun activities organized by us, Georgia’s social calendar is constantly full – from bowling trips to Bingo Nights!

With a loveable personality and a zest for life, Georgia is a true role model for individuals throughout the agency!

Please join the UPS team in congratulating Georgia Triantifillou as our Individual of the Month!