Concourse Scattered II

Program Name

Concourse Scattered II

Program Director

Primary Contact
Moya Gordon
Program Director
Phone: 718-855-8031

Secondary Contact
Michael J. Ealy
Director of Mental Health Services
Phone: 718-231-7711

Year Opened


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Our Concourse Scattered Site 15/15 program houses single adults who have been diagnosis with a serious mental illness and/or substance use disorder.

Our services include mental health assessments and skills training, substance abuse counseling and referral, medical and medication monitoring and much more.


This initiative is a part of the New York City 15/15 Supported Housing Program that was created to address the issue of homelessness by housing chronically homeless single adults with a serious mental illness (SMI), a substance use disorder (SUD) including those who are actively using or those who may have a co-occurring SMI or SUD.


To expand the reach of our program in and beyond the Bronx, NY through social service and social work internships placements as well as creating partnerships with local business for employment and artistic expression. Our future goals also include, developing specialized housing for the aging population and becoming a premier location for small industry and community workshops and trainings.